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Dog Anxiety Jacket - Platinum - Medium

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  • Medium (26-40 lbs)
  • The ThunderShirt is designed to apply gentle, constant pressure to calm your pet. ThunderShirt helps to take the "PET" out of Petrified. There are lots of things that can cause anxiety for a dog: thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, vet visits, separation anxiety and more.
  • By applying gentle pressure around the torso, like a comforting and continuous hug, the ThunderShirt helps to calm and reduce anxiety in over 80% of dogs.
  • From a chihuahua to a great dane, millions of dogs have already been helped by the calming effects of a ThunderShirt

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good stuff

My Hops is very afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks. She gets to the point of very heavy panting, pacing and sometimes trance-like behavior. The Thundershirt has helped her to a point. I don't want people to think this is a cure all, because it is not, but I'll tell you that she is much better than in the past. The key to use if put it on prior to events instead of waiting. For example: When it starts to rain (regardless of what weather forecasts say, I put this thing on. Also, placing on your dog snuggly is key. I believe the size chart is accurate. When July fireworks begin next year I intend to pair with some natural calming remedies as well. I'll do what I can to help out my pup and I strongly recommend trying one of these.

Just got it for my sisters dog

We had our first one for our rescue dog and it made a world of difference for her. Ordered the same one for my sisters dog when we found out she had storm anxiety and she loves it so far....true test will be the storms this week

It actually works!

I really hope my review helps someone, because I'm all about reading reviews to help me in deciding to purchase something. The reviews I did read were not very helpful with the sizing. I am inserting photos of my fur baby wearing the shirt. She is a Party Pomeranian and she weighs exactly 7lbs. I ordered the xx-small size at first and that is way too small. I ended up ordering the x-small and I couldn't believe how big a difference in size they are. The x-small is the perfect size for her. I have had it for about a week now and she wears it constantly. She is 10 years old and it seems the older she gets, the more stressed out she gets. No more pacing, licking, hiding, hitting me with her paws. Has it relieved all of her stress issues? No, but it has relieved a most of them. I can't believe this actually works!

Wonderful for anxious dogs

This worked really well for our beagle with separation anxiety. Some days when we come home she will be almost panicked in her happiness to see us to the point we have to hold her for about 5 minutes to get her settled. We tried the pharamone collar and diffuser and never saw any change in her behavior. With the vest when she is starting to get wound up I will ask her if she needs her vest and she will stand ready for it to be put on! She immediately settles and “snaps out” of her anxiety. We tried these on our two other dogs for 4th of July. The one with a dipilitating fear of fireworks was still scared, but she was not trying to run away like other years. For our third girl I am not sure this made much difference but she is less than a year old and we don’t know how she would have behaved around fireworks without.

Blown Away, IT WORKS.

Background: I am a devoted dog mom of an Italian Greyhound/terrier rescue. She never had any noise phobias at all, until five years ago, she developed a learned negative reaction to sounds of any heat source, from my in-laws beagle. The poor beagle would go into sheer, full blown panic-attack mode with the sounds of the metal heating up in my in-laws wood burning stove. My baby had no prior reaction at all and was totally neutral to these sounds, but right before my eyes, I observed that she took on and learned and absorbed his terror, and within only a few days she developed the same exact terror. (Just like human kids, our fur babies learn from their peers, so be careful who they hang out with! ;) I regret that this new phobia has absolutely decimated me and my husband's home life for the past solid FIVE YEARS. My once ever cheerful, happy go lucky little pup developed full PTSD-like symptoms to sounds of ANY type of heat associated noises, like food ovens, forced central heating, fireplace, portable heaters, oil heaters, and for some reason, the sounds that absolutely triggered her fear like no other, is the tiny "click" that happens within a thermostat adjustment. I have no idea why that tiny sound does it, but boy does it. Her whole body goes into full, violent shaking, she sweats and pants, and her eyes go completely wild, and she paces and cannot be soothed at all. If she is alone, she looks for escape routes, as she experiences that she is in full danger. I have spent many hundreds of dollars buying and trying so many different quiet portable heaters so we don't have to freeze in the winters (I DESPISE being cold!), And racked up my heating bills instead of using our cheaper gas central heating, I tried using every expensive quiet electric heaters, but she was still a nervous wreck, so I even tried to just freeze with no heat in the winter to keep her calm, and wear ski clothes in the house. This is not a way to live!!!! We had a few traumatizing accidents where she actually climbed, ripped and broke out a very high window while I was at work, and escaped and ran across Highway 1 in traffic hour (Bay Area, NorCal). Thankfully, I have a puppy monitor I watch like a hawk and saw the whole thing happen and immediately left work to rescue her, although I feared the absolute worst, that she got flattened into a puppy pancake on the road. I probably lost ten years off my life witnessing that. Thankfully a human angel, a barista in a cafe was so kind to find her and keep her safe until I came. So as you can see, she was at level code red with her noise phobia, where she loses total self control and absolutely puts her life in danger and becomes hysterically suicidal to the dreaded sounds of the thermostat click and heat sources. I tried all the Bach's Flower essences, holistic calming remedies, herbs, CBD, homeopathy and although they work to a certain degree, they would not, and could not cure and rehabilitate her source fear. I eventually had to resort to my last and dreaded option, which was to eventually put her on Xanax, which broke my heart, because I am someone who believes to only use Allopathic/Western medicine for emergencies only. And we were in a state of emergency now, as she was putting herself in harm's way with her puppy PTSD. So now the question is....WHY didn't I try the thunder shirt earlier????? I was absolutely aware of it and considered it five years ago, but I read all the reviews for the dogs it didn't work for, and I assumed that the thunder shirt could probably only work for dogs with very minor anxiety, and NOT for dogs with full blown, sheer panic and PTSD reactions, so I didn't even try, and let five tortuous years slip by, trying every other method including damn drugs for my baby. Well, fast forward to now, as we have moved into a new home, and winter has come early this year, and I am just motivated to the max to rehabilitate my baby once and for all, and to help cure this damned root of evil fear, once and for all. I finally decided to give the ONE thing I haven't tried, a try, the thunder shirt. When I first got it, I decided to just put it on her for the first week, both for going out for walks, and inside the house, while NOT introducing the scary sounds/triggers yet. I wanted her to develop a positive association with the thunder shirt, and to feel and enjoy it's comforting hug. I also would talk in very cheerful and enthusiastic tones to her when getting it out and putting it on, so she would wag her tail. I also, would do something very out of the ordinary and give her her favorite treats, and fresh cooked chicken when putting it on. (She usually only gets her treats as dessert after her meal. I never give treats at random) I did this for a solid week before introducing any triggers. I would keep the thunder shirt on for 30 minutes each time, then take it off. She definitely developed a liking to this thunder shirt business! After seven days, I put the thunder shir...