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Dog Training Collar with Remote - Pink

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  • 3 Training Modes
  • Waterproof Receiver
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Remote Control
  • Nylon Belt


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It's my magic wand!

I bought a Patpet dog training collar (P-collar 320) 2 weeks ago. I bought this product because my new dog liked to sneak out from the fence to the neighbor's back yard. The first time she did that I was terrified because I could not find her until my neighbor returned her to me. Also, she liked to pee & poop in my house and chew the furniture. Since I got this collar (which is very easy to use) I have used it whenever she is in the backyard. She no longer even gets close to the fence anymore and I don't even need to press any button. It is like my magic ward! Next I need to teach her to stop using my house as her bathroom and chewing my furniture. I plan to get an extra Patpet dog training collar for my other dog of mine to stop him from jumping to my sofa.

Stop the fence fighting for good.

I don't typically leave reviews unless something is extraordinary either good or bad. If I could give the 10 stars I would. I have a rescue part pit part stubborn. He would never listen and his fence fighting with the neighbor dog had us at wits end. We had to use a long lead even to let him out to do his business. I have used the shock one time. The vibrate a handful of times. The beep several times. All of his bad habits are all but gone . The fence fighting stopped. He goes outside and has his whole yard back. Learn how to use it correctly and it is the best training tool ever. Things just jeep getting bette. Best $40.00 ever spent.

Great functionality!

So I am so excited about this collar. My dog has such trouble learning to NOT get on the table. We have tried all sorts of things but finally tried this collar and couldn't be more pleased. It comes with 3 options for training: a beep, a vibration, or static shock. One of my favorite things is the option to not even attach the contacts for the shock option. I didn't want any accidental shocking by family members because I don't believe in training that way. We left the contacts off and only use the beep. On occasion we use the vibration when she needs a little more oomph.This is working great. I have had it for about a week and haven't had to recharge so I am not sure how long it lasts before needing to be plugged in the the charger, which is another awesome thing about this product. I do not like batteries and having to replace them. Often I will get things with a remote where one thing can be charged but the remote needs batteries but both the receiver and transmitter are charged via USB.I highly recommend this pet training collar!

Should’ve gotten this years ago!

Our 9-year-old cockapoo has in recent years started barking incessantly at anything, everything, and nothing at all. We’ve had other bark collars but the batteries would die every couple of weeks and it was such a hassle (and expensive and wasteful) to replace them so frequently. We just got this new collar and it works perfectly!! I’ve never had a problem with the remote working even when I’m upstairs and he’s downstairs. His barking nearly stops when we put the collar on him but if he still does bark, it only takes a stern “No” and a beep to stop it. We’ve never used the shock feature since the vibration and/or sound always work. Also it lasts weeks between charges! What a dream! I wish we’d gotten this years ago!!

Best dog training collar for the money

I ordered this collar because my dog was starting to bark continuously I’ve only had to hit the button to vibrate once or twice and he’s already stopped barking at people walking by my house.I use it when we go for a walk and he is much better at walking next to me healing and all-around a much better behaved dog.Fantastic product for the price and the fact that you can recharge it with a USB cord that comes with it means you’re not wasting a ton of money on batteries. It’s easy to use and gets quick results.