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Multifunctional Supplements for Dogs - 90 Count

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  • 5-in-1 Formula - Our Multifunctional Bites are functional supplement chews with premium ingredients and multivitamins.
  • Skin Health & Antioxidants For animals with sensitive skin, this formula contains Cod Liver Fish Oil, Vitamin E, & they contain no grain, corn, or soy derivatives!
  • Gut Health & Probiotics - These chews also contain a five-strain Probiotic Blend (500 million CFU per chew), Digestive Enzymes, and Niacin.
  • Heart, Liver & Immune Health - Multifunctional Bites feature powerful antioxidants Kaneka Q10, a premium CoQ10, Cod Liver Oil and Vitamins A, C, & E


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

This is the best vitamin I have ever bought for my dogs. They are both seniors and now on home made food which can sometimes lack all the vitamins they need. After using these only a couple of weeks my dogs have more energy, want to play again, and their eyes seem much brighter and clear. They absolutely love them too! I will continue to use this product!


READ THIS ALL.. UPDATES INCLUDED...I have a bullmastiff, only 3 yo, but was starting to get STIFF at night and it seemed her hips and back end were giving her problems at night. She was fine during the day, running and playing, but after sundown she acted like she was 10 yo. I started to give her three treats a day, per instructions on the jar ( she weighs 110 lbs) and within three days I noticed she was doing a lot better. she can rise from a sleeping postion with very little effort at night, and even during the day is much more active, even seems happier. I have tried other products with little results. and some require giving her up to 10 treats a day. she gets a premium dog food, but ths addition of these vitamins are really making a difference to her health. it even seems to be reducing the hair shed!!UPDATE: after 2 months of use, my dog is like a puppy! even jumping and chasing the other dogs! my vet is amazed! her coat is not as oily, smelly as it was, less shedding, her energy level is fantastic and she seems much happier and active. I CANT RECOMMEND THIS MORE!! I WOULD GIVE IT 10 STARS IF I COULD!!!UPDATE::: THIS PRODUCT IS FANTASTIC!!! MY BULLMASTIF IS ENJOYING LIFE AGAIN, AND AFTER MANY MONTHS OF USE,, IT HAS REALLY CHANGED HER LIFE TO THE BETTER!! I have to admit I did try a few other brands, but she started to decline within a week,, going back to Zesty Paws, and within days she is happy, dancing around, and playing with the other dogs again. and she only needs 3 treats per day.. not 5 to 10 as other brands would require for her weight. if you have a dog with skin problems, hip/joint problems, WEIGHT APROBLEMS, GET THIS PRODUCT!! YOU'LL BE AMAZED AND UYOUR DOG WILL BE HAPPY!!!

Better skin and coat, and more energy to boot!

I have one Boston terrier with skin issues (itchiness, redness, allergies) and one with joint concerns due to age. Once I started feeding them these treats, the problems seemed to resolve within a couple of weeks! My fog with allergies is down to one Benadryl a day, previously 2 or 3 on bad days, and I'm going to try and go Benadryl free soon! And my senior dog has more energy than she's had in such a long time! I'd highly recommend you try these.

They LOVE these!

I have 2 recently rescued big dogs. They have had really poor eating habits till now. I added these to there diet and use them as treats. The dogs LOVE them and I do too. Packed with good stuff they need, you can see what happened the day I left these on the counter by mistake- see photo for the result. These are like gold on my household.

Great for old dogs with joint and hip issues.

My chocolate Lab loves these. He is a big ole boy(110lb) and is starting to show his age (he is 7). After he started taking these he has been more energetic and playful like he used to be. He thinks these are treats, please don’t tell them any different.