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Freestanding Pet Gate - Metal Leaf Design

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  • RESTRICT YOUR PET TO A SPECIFIC AREA: Sometimes specific areas of the house or the office are human only! Our metal arch gate comes in handy when it comes to blocking off those areas, such as stairways, hallways, doors, and other entryways, and restricting your dog or puppy to their own space.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Simply unfold or fold the gate every time you need to place it or remove it. The Z-shaped pattern and heavy-duty yet lightweight metal construction make it easy to install in various areas of your house or office.
  • A MODERN & DECORATIVE ADDITION TO YOUR HOME: With a total weight of just 3.5 lbs, this metal pet gate is an elegant, modern, and shiny addition to your place, plus, it introduces certain practicality that you can't argue with!
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE FOR ALL DOG-OWNERS: Fitting up to 50 wide openings, our decorative pet gate measures exactly 23.25 tall and 53 wide when fully extended, making it perfect for untrained pets like small puppies or any other pet that won't fit between the bars.

Customer Reviews

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Great gate to fit a variety of spaces

Lightweight and flexible to fit the opening we have

Hoovy Freestanding Metal Pet Gate

Very attractive. Great addition to our home. Fits the space I required. Easy to open and set up and then fold up and store until next usage. Great value for the money spent and arrived in a timely manner. Made me happy and 'fooled' those snoopy doggies.

Perfect pet barrier

Pretty enough to be in my living room without spoiling the look of the room Sadly, I tried to order another just yesterday but is out of them and said they don't know when or even IF they'll get more.

It does the job with beautiful style.

It is lovely, a perfect compliment for my style. It is not flimsy or clunky. I like the weight and height and length of it because it provides the barrier needed without visually blocking the room. The fence is like an intentional piece of furniture and not an ugly baby gate.

Perfect to keep Dog Out!

I needed an attractive gate across our living room doorway to keep our dog out when coming in with wet feet. It just sets in place but he doesn’t challenge it. It is beautiful and a good heavy weight. Great purchase!