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Pet Sofa Bed - Diamond Brown - Large

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  • PET-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The bed features a classic sofa design with three-sided bolsters that promote security and provide additional high-loft cushion support for head resters, as well as cozy nestling nooks for burrowers
  • SLEEP SURFACE: The sleep surface is lined with ultra-plush faux fur, while the bolsters are wrapped in durable upholstery-grade textile; both are soft-to-touch fabrics that no pet could ever resist snuggling into
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Diamond Brown; Large, 36" x 27" x 7.25" (3" Foam; Sleep Surface: Approx. 28" x 23")
  • EASY CARE: Pets can present some unique cleaning challenges, which is why Furhaven made sure that the removable dog bed cover is completely machine washable for your convenience
  • NOT SUITABLE for pets with excessive teething or destructive chewing behavior


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It doesn’t walk the dogs but it does it’s job.

This bed works just fine. All my dogs (I have 3) like to sit on the same couch cushion together so I though a bed would be a great ideal for them and make room for us humans on the couch. All my dogs are different sizes and weights. One is 80 pound American bulldog/pit mix Rook he is what I would call a Large dog (last photo). The other is a 50 pound staffy/pit mix Dottie she is a medium size dog stocky and short (second photo). The youngest is Jameson medium size dog (first photo) a 40 pound lab/pit mix.I also added a photo of Jameson and Dottie laying on it together (Third Photo) because it’s a good size.My lab/pit mix Jameson is a nester and likes to scratch up his spot to get comfy and to my surprise the cover is holding up great!! I thought for sure he would rip it the first time because he digs for so long and with great enthusiasm, but the cover is going strong.It’s a nice thickness of foam and holds up my 80 pound dog Rook just fine. It hasn’t flattened any either.It is definitely going to suck to wash sound something happen as there isn’t a water proof layer in between the foam and the cover.

You absolutely should buy this bed!

My dogs love a soft comfy bed. We have two for each in our home. Before this bed I spent so many back breaking hours pulling bed covers off strips of foam, washing the cover and then re- stuffing the long strips of hair infested foam into narrow little zippered covers. I hated this task and was the only person in my home that would do it.This bed is awesome and I will never buy another style. It is one large, shaped piece of foam that is so easy to take out of the cover. The design does not have any crevices that fill up with dog hair and dander. The cover is so sturdy my dog can scratch and scratch and scratch and does no damage to the the fabric. It sounds silly but the design and quality of this bed is amazing. I will never buy any other style. Oh, I can also run a vacuum right over the bed when I clean my floor and get it completely clean of hidden hair and dog bone crumbs. I HIGHLY recommend this bed.

This bed is awesome pawesome! My dogs just told me that when they gave it 2 Paws Up! ;)

Just got our new bed today! I admit I was a bit leery as to what to expect, but, right out of the box, this bed was perfect! The cover is beautiful and so soft (gray and feels like fur) and the bed, even though light, is every well made from what I can tell. My GSD Cali turned 14 in December and her health started to drastically decline early Summer of last year. She has major mobility issues (whatever it is is similar to degenerative myelopathy). She never seems all that comfortable anymore, but I think she does now...she loves her new bed! She walked right onto it and laid down so much easier than she normally does (without the constant circling) and after giving me such a sweet look of thanks, she went right to sleep. Oh...she did get up one time to get a drink of water and she was able to pull herself right up and step off of the bed (I often have to help her do that!)! I probably could have gotten her the large, BUT my Schnauzer Benjamin gave Cali about a minute or two before snuggling in right beside her...so they BOTH are loving it and there's plenty of room for two if they are cuddlebums. Can't say how it will hold up at this point, but am very impressed thus far...and the dogs are, too! They've given it 2 paws up!!

Good buy

Very happy with purchase. 65lb Golden has room to grow on her new bed.

Is easy to clean by removing the cover

I have ordered now 2 of these beds. The first bed I ordered months ago for my ailing 11 year Border Collie who could not get on the couch any more due to his advanced cancer. Sadly he only used the bed for a short time. However, the bed was instantly taken over by my 1.5 year old B.C. She sleeps on it every night!When we got our new BC puppy in January, we knew one of the first things we wanted to do was order him a new bed. We ordered a second one without hesitation!This bed has held up well. Is easy to clean by removing the cover. It is comfortable, the dogs love the "arm" around it. Its thick base provides great support for dogs. The entire bed fits excellent inside of their crate. (Its a bit of a tight fit but it just push supports the arm roll more!) With the side open doors of their crate? This bed is perfect! It is much better quality then much more expensive beds I have looked at by far!