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Freestanding Pet Gate - Wood

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    • Age range description: All Stages
    • Included components: parts, hardware, and instructions
    • This Freestanding Pet Gate HL is 7. 5 inches taller than the original wooden Freestanding Gate. The side panels keep the gate from tipping over and rubber feet keeps the gate from sliding on hard surfaces. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Scary fireplace is now child-safe

    We don't have a dog. But we do have a 1-year old with no sense of her own breakability. We also have a fireplace (which we don't use) which for some reason is fronted with very jagged stones. Many of these knife-like protrusions are at toddler head-level, which is also adult knee-level. Previous homeowner: what were you thinking, exactly??There is nowhere convenient to screw in any of the available styles of child safety gate for use around fireplaces, which is why we turned to this freestanding product. It is the right height, stands stable, and adjusts to exactly the right width. Unexpected bonus: it looks lovely in the living room. So far, the kid hasn't been able to move the gate, and she certainly cannot topple it.I wouldn't necessarily put this wood-and-wire gate in front of a LIT fireplace, but for our goals (no jagged rocks to baby's head and no baby toppling the fireplace grate to climb up the chimney), this fits the bill!

    good quality free standing gate that could be moved easily ...

    I was looking for an aesthetically-appealing, good quality free standing gate that could be moved easily and would safely serve the purpose of blocking split level side by side stairs going in opposite directions, allowing my cats to freely go up and down, while keeping the dog from doing so.The u- shape of this gate allowed for this. Using it this way did not present a dangerous situation as the as 2 sets of stairs going in opposite directions were being blocked, so the gate could not be pushed down the down side steps. . I would not consider a free standing gate if looking to block steps only going one direction. Since it was blocking a larger area, I needed a gate that would cover a large width. At it's largest width it was a bit too short (4-5 inches) to cover both of the standard size stair openings, so I just blocked one side near the wall going up with a small table. My 23lb dog was able to move the gate however and squeeze though the side, so I would only recommend for smaller dogs. The gate arrived quickly and in good condition. I feel the quality was worth the purchase price. It was easy to assemble and light enough to move easily if needed.

    and the gates work just fine. The packing is some of the best I've ...

    I just received three of the 28" tall Richell Wood pet gates. The description says that it's "large," but it isn't in regards to the height. The shipping box says it's for small to medium size dogs -- not large. Richell does make a gate that's 36" tall -- 8" inches taller than this one. All that said, we have German Shepherds, and the gates work just fine. The packing is some of the best I've ever seen. There was no damage of any kind. The gates are extremely easy to assemble. The finish and the quality of the wood framing is excellent. My wife was very impressed with the look of the gates. You have to push the gates out of the way and reset them to pass through -- there isn't a swing gate with this model. I very enthusiastically recommend this gate. Just keep in mind that this isn't the tallest gate available. The 36" tall Richell gate is another $70 or so. Just remember that if you have a large dog that's not trained, these gates may be only a temporary deterrent.

    Used as baby gate

    We bought this gate for our infant/toddler, and it has worked perfectly. Our living room entryway is too wide for any conventional baby gates that we could find, and this product is very well made, easy to put together, and has been very safe, thus far, for our 13 month old. There are no loose or sharp parts that are exposed, so we feel very comfortable using it as the only barrier between her and the potentially dangerous stairs. The gate is slightly shy of the entry's width, so we just angled a stuff chair by the entry and it works perfectly. Because of the gate's sound construction, my daughter has not been able to move it, although recently she has been trying to push it out into the hall. It won't fall down due to the criss-cross construction at the ends, but it isn't very heavy, so I think eventually she will be able to move it. We remedied this by putting a 5-pound dumbell weight on the other side of the gate, and have had no problems with her even trying to push it again. Get the HIGH LARGE one for use with a toddler. Hope that helps.

    Get the taller one if you can.

    Had to purchase a new one, and this one is taller than the one I'm replacing. It wasn't a defect in the shorter one, it's just my husband didn't see the shorter one and tripped over it and it broke. (understandably) Then my daughter's friend tripped over it again. (That was the end of that) Get the taller one, even if you have a small dog. You can see it much better and hopefully prevent a mishap which happened to us twice! Nice looking gate, I love the wood look.