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Designer Pet Gate

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  • Decorative pet gate compliments decor
  • 360 hinges allow for multiple configurations
  • Lightweight for easy relocation
  • Solid wood Frame
  • Folds for easy storage. Rubber pads protect floors from scratching. Support feet included. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Happy with these well made, double-action hinges Gate

The gate is heavy, sturdy and well made. The double action hinges are an extremely convenient feature. I am actually using this gate as a privacy screen for lower-ground level windows in an office. The gate/screen allows me to see out but provides just enough privacy from the outside world so that I don't feel like I am in a bird cage. Very happy with this purchase!

Love it!

I have the taller fence and what I did was unscrew one of the sections and added the feet for a Stand alone gate in a 32" opening to my kitchen. I also contacted the company about purchasing extra parts and they went above and beyond for me. Great company!!! Much nicer appearance than the plastic one I had before.

Looks great & effective for the purpose we bought it for

Great effective cover for our cat not to go in areas like the kitchen. Pretty design top marks.

Gorgeous Design + Fantastic Customer Support

My dog is getting old and she's having a harder & harder time on the stairs. I was worried that when I'm gone, the cat would bully her or she would get confused and head downstairs and try to get back up and critically injure herself so I decided I needed a dog gate. The problem is that they are exceeding ugly, unless of course you get this one! When it arrived it was folded up completely flat without the feet in the box. I called the company immediately because I assumed that it would be a long struggle to rectify and left a message. I got the gate upstairs and unfolded it and the feet were tucked perfectly sized between the panels - talk about some good design engineering! Before I could call the company back to let them know they were calling me back! For my purposes I only needed the gate to fit the entry to my stairs which is fairly small so I removed one panel and turned it on its side (see pictures). I added some felt pads on the bottom so I can just easily slide it over when I need to get through. My dog is pretty chill so she doesn't bother with it. The cat on the other hand paws at it (noticing a trend of the obvious troublemaker in this house?!), but the way I have it tucked behind furniture it keeps him from moving it too much. A second perk is now that the cat can't go down the stairs there aren't any cat fur tumbleweeds on them!!

Fabulous pet product + wonderful customer service!

After previously buying a couple different pet gates which had decent online descriptions and nice pictures but turned out to be overall poor quality (flimsy design, unfinished wood, incomplete staining, and splinters!) I was determined to find something high quality, functional and attractive. I did some serious pet gate research and finally purchased what is actually a gate extension kit (in a beautiful walnut) made by Primetime Petz. Even though it isn't a full gate, it has worked perfectly preventing entry and exit wherever we have placed it. It never falls and can be easily moved from room to room as needed. So I decided to look for a similar but wider and configurable product that could keep my furbaby safely off the stairs.Being happy with the other Primetime Petz "gate" I purchased, I called them directly to discuss the challenge of the uneven bottom of my staircase and explore what options were available to protect my pup. That little guy has been able to maneuver his way around and even push other inferior, yet almost identical looking gates, out of his way; but he has never managed to sneak past the Primetime Petz gate extension. Unlike the other pet gate companies I had tried relentlessly to contact before, Primetime Petz was reachable and the customer service was excellent. I was quickly connected with Victoria whose desire to help me find the appropriate gate, as well as her product knowledge-even about the intricate details of their many different models, was wonderful.Ultimately, I bought "the Palm Springs Designer Gate" because I knew the quality would be excellent and the dimensions and decorative style seemed like they would suit my needs. I selected the 27" X 81.5" option (a taller gate is also available). It arrived in a couple days and it is absolutely perfect! As anticipated, the the quality is superior and the awesome design complements my decor. Being white, this beautiful gate coordinates nicely with my doors, molding and baseboards. The gate is freestanding, sturdy, yet lightweight, and comes with simple to attach support feet. Most importantly, the 360° two-way hinges enable multiple configurations which make it possible to effectively block my asymmetrical staircase entry from pets while still allowing us humans to "open" either side of the gate for easy passage. (The young adults in my house just step over it....not me!)Bottom line, I am absolutely pleased with the Primetime Petz Palm Springs Designer Gate and "Cooper" doesn't even try to go upstairs alone anymore!