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Dog Anxiety Jacket - XXL - Camo

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  • ThunderShirt is already helping millions of dogs with anxiety and helps to calm in over 80% of cases
  • Recommended by veterinarians and trainers for thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel, and vet visits
  • ThunderShirt is a safe and drug-free solution; our dog anxiety jacket calms with no training and no medication so your dog stays totally drug-free
  • The patented ThunderShirt design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over-excitement due to a variety of environmental triggers; ThunderShirt is also great for rescue dogs

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It's a miracle!

Okay so...My dog is a rescue that joined our family in August. He's adjusted pretty well, but he has separation anxiety. We found out that he had been adopted once and brought back before we adopted him. He always wants to be in someone's lap and he can have a hard time when we leave the house. He also is very high energy. I am six feet tall and when I'm standing, he can jump above my elbow. So, when we'd get ready to go for a walk, he'd be there by the door, jumping jumping all excited. At first it was cute, aww he's so excited, but once he landed wrong. That hasn't stopped him from jumping, but I was worried that he'd do it again with more serious consequenced. Enter Thundershirt.This shirt is amazing. He doesn't jump by the door when he's wearing it. Take it off, and he'll jump. Put it on, it stops. He's still excited, and he'll still play. But he'll also sit quietly by you for head scratches. He walks much more calmly too. Pre-thundershirt, he liked to try charging at things on our walks...especially MOVING CARS which was beyond frightening. Now he's like, oh look a car. Oh look a bird. He's interested but he doens't feel the need to charge at them. He also does much better when we are away. If he's wearing the shirt, he doens't have accidents in the house or tear stuff up. It's great! One thing though, measure the dog before you buy. Don't pay any attention to the weight. We have two dogs that are five pounds apart and one got the small and the other got the medium, although by the weight chart, they should have both had the small.


I have not ordered one of these is past past, because, honestly I didn't think they worked. I have a huge German Shepherd who is terrified of storms. Weighing over 100 lbs, he can really do damage to everything around him during our Florida thunderstorms which are probably the worst I've ever seen. I finally had no alternative than to but a Thundershirt, because I had run out of options. Drugs did nothing. Trying to confine him only resulted in damage to property and dog! I put the shirt on him when I could hear a storm approaching. He had probably heard it long before I did and he was already getting agitated. Once he had the shirt on, he gave me a funny look and lay down beside me and stayed there. He stayed reasonably calm during the first storm. I left it on him overnight, although I know it's not recommended, but he seemed so comfortable. I used it in subsequent storms and I am now a believer. It works! What a relief. It was hard to see him suffer so, to say nothing of the damage he did to his surroundings.

So far working good for separation anxiety

My 63 pound APBT would tear up furniture within the first 10 minutes of being left home alone. I got the size Large for him and it fits him pretty good. His neck is 19 inches and chest is 29 inches. I had read other reviews of similar sized dogs getting size XL and it was too big, so I opted for size Large. So far we've left him home alone for up to 2 hours and he didn't destroy anything yet.

I am shocked

Henry has terrible separation anxiety, and is blind so he howls when he thinks he is alone. I was super skeptical about this shirt only because meds don’t work too well. I am surprised how well it works. He wags his tail when I put it on him and goes right into his table cave to sleep. Henry is an 11 year old special needs rescue and his gives this 5 stars for making him feel better. I should add- you MUST follow the instructions and introduce the shirt in Times the dog is relaxed and not stressed and do it in increments. Do not just put it on during a storm for the first time and expect it to work. Also double check the instructions for putting it on, can be confusing first time but it’s vital that it’s on the right way.

Five Stars

Just wish it was made in the USA! This is a large size and fits very snug. We tried the extra large first and it is a bit too big around. Ben the pit bull is 70lbs and 30 inches around the chest. He loves the jacket and is a much happier and less nervous with it on.