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Dog Training Collar with Remote - Up to 9 Dogs!

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  • Multiple training modes dog shock collar with remote. This electronic dog training collar with remote provides 3 efficient and safe training modes (beep, vibration, and shock modes) for you to teach a dog basic obedience commands and solve uncontrollable dog's behavior problems
  • More channels maximum control. Unlike other training collars, this collar allows for up to 2 dogs to be trained. This Dog Training Collar supports 9 dogs training with only 1 remote transmitter. 
  • Adjustable static levels and strap size. Do you fear hurting your dog in Shock Mode? Our Dog Training Collar offers adjustable 1~99 static level for you. You can adjust the accurate static level for your dog. Also, this dog training shock collars for dogs with remote is size adjustable. Wonderful for 15lbs~100lbs size dogs
  • Long remote range and battery life training collar for dogs effective training. Wireless control for up to 330 yards with remote range. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Just as Good as the High Price Collars, with Better Features

There are several features that make this a better collar.1 - Easy to put on. the other collar had a buckle. this one has plastic clips that click on and squeeze to release.2 - Charging is with a standard micro USB port. Any Micro USB charging cable will do. I can use my charging station instead of using a dedicated wall wart.3 - Larger easier to handle controller. The controller is large enough for a readable display and the controls and switches are easy to work. It also doesn't get lost as easy as the other controller.4 - Easily adjusted shock. The on/off rotary switch is used to set the shock charge when the appropriate button is pressed. The level of shock is also displayed on the controller in large numbers. no guessing or trying to read small numbers.5 - Obvious button use. Bottom button is for audible signal, middle button is for buzz and the Big Orange Button (BOB) is for shock. When I tell the wife that I had to BOB the dog because he started to bolt, she understands.6 - Large pause slider switch on the side of the controller. My dog has pretty much gotten the hang of sticking around, but I still have him wear the collar while we're out in the yard, just in-case a rabbit or cat proves too much of a temptation. If I put the controller in my pants pocket, there is the potential for an accidental BOB, so the slide switch prevents that. ( I just have to remember to turn it off and also turn it back on)7 - Price. The other controller was $200 compared to the $35 for this collar. Just because it's more expensive doesn't mean it will work any better that the less expensive model.

Happy with this collar/system vs previous system we used

So far this has been a great product. I have used a different brand of dog training collar in the past. My youngest dog ended up pulling them off the older dog quite easily and ultimately we lost them somewhere on our property. The biggest reason I chose this system as the receiver is much more secure on the collar and cannot be pulled off. When the dogs are outside they get very preoccupied with various smells and distractions and sometimes do not respond to verbal commands. We use the beep and vibration and find them effective for our dogs to remind them it is time to come back to the house. This collar was a great value cost wise and holds a good charge. I purchased an additional separate receiver which connected easily to this remote. Very happy with this system.

One that really works,

I’ve got a 10 year old dog that has been torturing me with his barking every day while on this earth. Just let someone come to the door and ring the doorbell; he would go ballistic. Then at 5 a.m. every morning he would start barking to be let out of his dog cave. I could not believe a dog could bark solidly for 45 minutes. Let someone simply walk past the sidewalk and that would set him off, or a car drive by. It finally got so bad it was either him or me. Then I decided to try another collar so I got this one, set it up, installed it and waited with the controller at the ready. I set it to beep first. The first bark I sent a beep signal and he stopped barking immediately. After the second day and he was pretty much cured. Now after 2 weeks I hardly have to use it at all. Only on beep except for two or three vibrates, never a shock, amazing. So good I just bought another one for the second dog. Keep in mind that it is not automatic, you have to train while within 1000 feet to the dog every day. I’m at home all day so it was easy to catch him mid-bark. If you have problems with your dog’s behavior give this collar a try, l think you will be shocked!

Works well

I have experience training hunting dogs while growing up and using static collars.Now, I have a wild Boston Terrier who is testing her limits be it playing too rough with my older Boston or bolting out the front door to run amok the neighbourhood.The beep is pretty good, it gets her attention if she isn’t focused on unwanted behaviour. I use the beep if my voice doesn’t get her attention.The vibrate is what I usually have to resort to most of the time when the lil one gets wild. She will immediately stop what she is doing and either come running back to me or redirect her attention elsewhere.I have only zapped her a couple times. First time the setting was on 10 and it didn’t phase her. Looks like the max setting is 100 so I decided to try 50 for the next time she bolts out of the door. It got her attention right away and it seemed a bit too much. I dialled it back to 25, no idea if it’s ok or not. There haven't been any additional attempts to run away.Easy & quick to charge. I like the remote because it shows the battery level of itself and the collar.

Your Search Ends Here! Quality and Affordability.

This is a review of the Dog Care Dog Training Collar model TC01.My wife and I recently brought home two Blue Tick Coon Hounds and they are a wonderful and loveable breed of dog but they are undoubtedly a rambunctious duo to say the least. At times, they are so playful and full of energy that they have a very hard time focusing. So, we took to the internet to purchase dog training devices. We tried several different collars and found most to be poorly designed and unreliable. Finally, we purchased the Dog Care Training Collar model number TC01. It arrived in a simple but attractive package and secured well. Inside, the transmitter and receiver was accompanied by the user manual and a quick start guide. The directions were easy to follow and covered every aspect of the product. The transmitter and receiver had a very quality feel and the buttons, casings and collar gave no impression of cheap manufacturing. Upon first use, we noticed an immediate difference from the previous brands we tried. Our dogs were responding. Many times, with others we tried, the dogs would continue on playing and roughhousing as if nothing was happening. The vibration function is very useful and present enough to capture the attention of any stubborn dog even at half power. The ability to set the power on the vibration and shock is a great feature. The beeping sound has proven very effective as well. The LCD readout lets you know how much of a charge you have left in the transmitter and the receiver and this is beyond helpful. Some previous brands we tried did not have this feature and we didn’t know if it was working or not, Especially with the dogs not responding to them. The battery life is long lasting. In fact, we’ve only charged ours twice since we’ve purchased it and we use it every single day. Our search for the perfect training collar ended with the Dog Care brand. We would recommend it highly to anyone looking for an effective tool to train their furry family members.