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Dog Training Collar - 2600 FT Range

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  • 5 adjustable, safe and efficient training modes. Beep, light, 0 to 99 levels vibration, 0 to 99 levels shock, and key lock mode.
  • Waterproof dog electric collar. The training collar receiver is ip68 waterproof, perfect for your pets to swimming and playing games outside
  • 3 channels maximum control. Slopehill dog training collar supports a maximum of 3 dogs training with only 1 remote transmitter.
  • Long remote range and battery life. Both the remote and the receiver are rechargeable. Wireless control for up to 850 yards remote range.
  • Size adjustable collar strap, length from 8 to 26inches, fits dogs from 5 to 140 lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
This collar is incredible! 5 stars all around!

This collar is incredible! It has been very easy to use and all functions work wonderfully! I mainly use the beep and vibrate options but have used the shock on occasion. This collar has helped me train my high strung Aussie and allows me to take her out without her leash and helps when she is barking excessively. The light option on the collar and remote are amazing, helps me find see my dog at night and if I am walking her I don’t need to grab a flashlight. I have used another e collar with my dog but the receiver was bulky and didn’t fit well, it also died after it got wet the first time. This collar hasn’t been submerged in water but it’s has gotten wet without any issues. Lastly, the battery life is amazing on this I can go weeks without charging it because of the sleep function. Buy this collar, you won’t regret it!

Great product!

We have a Belgian Malinois/Siberian Husky mix. He is 90 Lbs. He drives everyone crazy with excessive barking and never coming when called and jumping. I didnt want a bark collar that shocks everytime he barks. I didnt want to shock him and we want him to bark when he is supposed to. I thought because his fur is crazy thick and he is super stubborn it wouldn't do anything to help him. I have had the collar for 4 days now and he is a different dog! I use beep for positive (start with beep and treat and praise when they listen then work with beep and praise, cant give treat everytime for listening so want him to learn without treats too only praise) and vibration for negative with word NO. Vibrations go up to 99. I only had to turn up vibrations to 35 and it works! I have never shocked my dog only vibrations to correct. I started at lowest and 35 is his number on vibration. He is now coming when i call COME! The excessive barking has stopped. He no longer jumps up on us. Its amazing! For anyone who is exhausted with trying to stoo your dogs bad habits. Get this follow instructions and you too will have a dog that listens. Its amazing! I fully recommend this product. I have not had a problem with battery life. Only thing negative i could say is that the remote turns off after a few seconds of not using which is great for battery life but when you try to quickly use it, it takes a 15-20 seconds for it to reconnect and work again. Besides that i am extremely pleases and believe in this product! Ok so the problem with it is it has to go on with green light flashing outwards or the connection takes forever when the remote goes off. I just figured that out. So make sure its on right and everything is great!

Best training collar out there!!!

It works:Ya'll, I cannot express how amazing this training collar is! My puppy is 6 months old and full of energy and rebellion as excepted in an Aussie/boxer. She is our sweet girl but the puppy in her loves to get into things she isn't supposed to, tear furniture up, jump on people, and bark. We have tried MANY things to teach her to act nice and they did not work until I bought this training collar. All I have to do is press the beep button or vibrate and she is redirected and stops the wrong behavior instantly. We have only shocked her a few times and now she knows what we expect once she hears the beep. When she redirects her behavior we give her tons of positive reinforcement of course. I wish I had known about this collar sooner. It has helped our sanity immensely!! I am telling all of my friends about it.Battery:The BATTERY yall!! Wow. I have only had to charge it once and we got this collar a month ago and use it daily.Collar:We use the green cloth collar and it seems to be comfortable to her while also not bulky getting in the way of her daily adventures.Remote:The remote is easy to understand and has a rubber string to put it around your neck or wrist! What a great idea!

A must have to train difficult dogs !

Dog training collars, also known as "e-collars" or "shock collars", are commonly used tools for a variety of training purposes. Whether you want to train your dog not to bark when guests come to your home, teach him field recall, obeying commands, or more sophisticated training for hunting purposes, an e-collar can be a useful training tool.This particular model is versatile for pet owners who want to ensure that their training tactics are gentle. It has several settings so you can adjust the intensity of the shock/vibration and also utilize beeps and vibrations to elicit the response you’re looking for from your dog without the shock.To prevent accidentally shocking (or beeping or vibrating) your pup, there is a security keypad that you’ll be able to use to prevent any misfires which will keep the training working better and your guilt to a minimum. There are also 99 different levels of static shock, so you won’t ever be forced to use a level too low or too high for your pup. The collar is also adjustable; it really is a great collar for any dog from 15 to 100 pounds.The shock collar doesn’t leave any lasting pain on your dog. It just gives him a small shock that will deter him from doing anything bad like dashing across the flower bed or running after the neighbor’s cat. The whole principle behind this device is to teach the dog association. I also love the fact that, instead of using the "shock" itself right away, this particular model has 3 other "warning modes" (vibration, beep and light), which can be used to warn the animal just before they do anything bad. In most of the cases, you will use the shock function just a few time, and then only one of the warning signals will be enough to stop the dog from doing unwanted behaviors.Overall, and with the fact that this system is also waterproof so i don't have to worry about it when the dog goes near a water source, I very love this purchase and would recommend it to anybody in the market for one of those.

Awesome product! Gentle enough to train a small dog but also strong enough to tame a giant!

I would like to start off by saying that I have owned many remote training collars which have fallen short of my expectations Time and time again. The other collars did not work well And would break or just quit working or shock my dog constantly, I had not found one that was truly awesome until I found this one. The slopehill dog training Collar, not only does what they say it well, but in my opinion, it goes above and beyond our expectations. It has several different settings so that you can control the level of the strength of the current that is used to train a dog. I love how it has a light, a vibration, beeping and shocking function you can choose from. The Slopehill collar not only does what they say it will, but in my opinion, It has several different settings so that you can control the level of current or vibration that is needed to effective train your dog. I love how it has a light setting, a vibration Setting ,A setting that just makes the collar receiver beep when you push the button and also a shocking setting. You can also control the strength of the vibration and the shock options with multiple Choices of strengths ranging from 1 to 100. I love the vibration setting because it gets the dogs attention without sending a shock into them that has to hurt, I tried to convince my husband to let me do my review on him and he didn’t feel that would work out good for him, so that video we won’t have lol, And I love how I can adjust the strength to fit the situation.The Slopehill training collar has multiple uses, I put it on my husband to make him behave and it works wonders! ( not really that was a joke!!)I also love the adjustable strengths and settings because I can use it on all sizes of dogs from my 150 pound Doberman pincher Or my 30 pound pup, strong enough to bring a giant to their knees if need be and soft enough for a learning pup, whatever your case maybe, I highly recommend this product for dogs of all sizes and breeds. It’s has an attractive design and look and is super sturdy and can withhold abuse from the roughest dog. It is also simple enough to use that a child could understand how to use the remote. I love that it comes with two collars one training receiver for the collar and I love that the Remote is alittle bigger then the typical remote cuz I lose it less, lol, I will update my review when we get our video complete to demonstrate how well the collar works to train even the biggest dogs.In conclusion, this product is by far the best collar we have ever owned. We will buy again and will recommend this product to friends and family, because the quality and the effectiveness of this product is phenomenal & this awesome item is available at such a reasonable price also, which is a win/win situation for us!!I had a couple questions about the product and the seller was so kind and willing to help me with them, so customer service is through the roof amazing also.