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Dog Training Collar - 1000 FT Range

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  • 2 Channels and 3 Training Modes. Beep, vibration (level 1 to 8), and shock (level 1 to 16)
  • Nylon Belt. The 7.8 to 24.8" adjustable nylon belt is suitable for 15 to 100 lbs dog
  • Remote Range. The wireless remote can reach up to 1000 ft (330 yards) range control
  • Remote Control. Security lock to prevent accidental touch, safe to use
  • Rainproof Receiver. The training collar receiver is IPX5 rainproof. (Not suitable for swimming)


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Effective & worth the money!

This thing has saved my sleep and sanity. My chihuahua corgi was “partying” at night and barking at anything that blinked at him. I’ve tried normal routes like behavior classes and consultations but this did the trick. Just the collar being on her changes her behavior now! Spend the money!

The MAGIC collar has changed my dog!!!

I have a 15lb terrier mix rescue who loves to be near me and our two problems I was trying to address with the collar were : whining and trying to jump in my lap in the car and whining and howling when I left home and it annoyed others badly to the point my husband wouldn’t stay at him alone with the dog.This collar had done everything it promises to do!! Note * I have not had to use the shock feature as the beep and vibrate are enough for my little guy who is very sensitive. I did test it and it does work, but I don’t need it.I put it on him and we went to get in the car and when he whined I gave the command “Quiet” and hit the beep and he looked around like wondering where it came from. He whined again in a min and I said “Quiet” hit the vibrate and he stopped whining immediately. Then he did something amazing that he has never done in the 6mos I have had him. He laid down on the bed in the front seat and stayed there quietly. We drove around town and it was the most peaceful car ride I have had with him. As he whined in about 5 min I vibrated it again and he stopped. Amazing.Then I left him home with my husband and I had the remote ready for him and he didn’t even have to use it. Having the collar on is enough to deter the whining. If he whines I instructed my hubs what to do. He didn’t even bark when I got home- dogs are so smart he knew what would happen if he did. Turns out all this time he knew what was right and wrong he just needed some reinforcement.He also has a bad habit of barking whenever I give attention to my older dog which I also used the vibrate for and it also worked to quiet him.We call this the magic collar and we have had it for less than 24 hrs!! We love it! Why did I wait so long?

Great training device!

I have purchased three separate collars from Patpet. I have to say thier customer service is top notch! I had to return a collar due to it not longer working and they sent me one in under three days. Things happen and I am glad they stand behind thier product.Now for this collar, I am 100% impressed. I had the old style that is rechargeable. This one takes 2 aaa for the remote and 2 aaa for the collar. Battery life is really good and there are several advantages to not having a rechargeable collar. Mainly waterproofing. The seal on the batteries is awesome. No water is getting in. The other good thing about this collar is for those that love the outdoors. You dont need to charge it and instead can bring an extra set of batteries if needed. The second thing I love about patpet collars is the metal prongs that come with the collar. I have a 85 pound german shepard and he has a thick coat. The included metal prongs help get under the fur to deliver the shock if needed. There is also two sets of little metal nubs for different size dogs and two sets of silicone tips that cover them for the comfort of your pet.The vibration on the collar is outstanding! I have purchased several different collars from and this is by far the strongest vibration. I do not like to use shock as much as possible and having this strong vibration to correct my dog is wonderful. It alerts him instantly.The sound is clear and crisp. It gives a nice high frequency beeping and my dog responds very well to it. I use it frequently for training.The range on this collar is pretty good. Patpet says up to 1000 feet, but I have only tested under 100 feet, but the collar works great. I taught my dog a sit stay and a down stay using just vibration or noise from this collar. The remote also will buzz with a single press. Most remotes have to be pushed twice, once to wake, second to buzz, but this is instantaneous.The build quality is also too notch. I would have expected to pay upward of $50 for this collar at the store. At $24.99 it's a steal. Plus there was a coupon that brought it down to $19.99.The only con to this collar is the nylon collar. I perfer to have a plastic collar as seen on other brands for durability. However, I have not had any durability issues and this is just my personal preference.Overall, I highly recommend!

Good to aid in training

We bought this for our Lab Mix who is always chasing us (and any other car, truck, delivery van) up and down our driveway. It appears to be qood quality and, yes, I shocked myself right out the box... I thought I was shocking myself on level one... turns out it was level 16! Watch that... make sure you understand which number you are looking at!! It was quite a jolt but wasn’t long lasting and definitely got my attention. I put the collar on my dog and her first instinct was to jump up on me soon made it beep and firmly said no”NO!” She immediately calmed down trying to figure out where the noise game from... when we left to go somewhere she started running trying to catch up with us and I rolled my window down and said “NO! Go back!” And made the collar beep! She immediately stopped and sat down (she has NEVER done this!) She sat there in that same place until I was out of sight... I never even had to shock her or vibrate the collar! Hopefully this behaviour will curb quickly!

Need help,with replacement parts.

I cannot find out how to order replacement parts! I lost the “shock posts” and need them now.