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Decorative Wood Pet Gate

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  • Wood, Metal
  • ACCOMMODATES MOST OPENINGS: The Summer Decorative Wood & Metal Safety Gate for Baby can be used between doorways. With the 3 included extensions, this 32" tall baby gate can fit openings from 36" to 60" wide.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easily install this baby gate by using the no drill doorway mount for in-between doorways.
  • ONE HAND WALK-THRU: When used between rooms, this baby gate has an extra-wide hinged swinging door that opens in either direction. Plus, it can be operated with just one hand for ultimate convenience when moving between rooms.
  • SAFE AND SECURE: Have peace of mind knowing your baby or pet can explore safely with this high-quality baby gate from Summer.
  • STYLISH BABY GATE: This decorative baby gate is made of New Zealand Pinewood with a slate metal finish, so you can child-proof your home in style. Standing 32" tall, it is ideal for use with toddlers and small pets.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nice looking, sturdy, well built gate with wide opening

I've dealt with a LOT of baby/pet gates over the past few years, working with a pet rescue and as a pet foster family. Superficially, this one resembles most - it's got a one-hand-operation latch, it uses pressure pads at top of bottom of each end, it has some extra removable sections to adjust to different sized openings.The devil is in the details, and this gate gets a lot of details right. First the expansion sections - they fit TIGHTLY into one another and to the gate, the whole unit is a solid structurally and visually cohesive construction.Second the gate itself - it's quite wide compared to most, very easy to walk through.Third the finish - a very nice dark finish metal on the fence portion, with a slightly lighter wooden gate.I'm using this gate as a barrier to keep my dogs from rushing the front door when we have visitors. It's part of our living room, so having it look - if not exactly attractive, at least unobtrusive - is very important. The opening I have is about 55" so I used all but the smallest 4" expansion, and it's quite sturdy.If I could have one thing different, I'd like an auto-close option but typically that feature is hard to come by on a dual-swing gate, so overall I'd rather have the dual-swing and no auto-close. Very happy with the product and the price.

Looks great, works great

This was exactly what we were looking for - a great looking gate that would blend in but be safe, easy to use, and easy to install. First it looks great - see pics. It blends well into our decore. Installation is not hard but takes a little patience. The gate is designed so that as you tighten the top it will close the opening - you need to keep tightening until the gap closes appropriately. It also comes with several extensions which I had to play with to find the right one for our purposes. You can also see in the pics that our posts are larger at the bottom than up top. Because you tighten in each corner this wroked great for us. Now that we have it adjusted, it is easy to remove when we don't need it and pretty easy to put back up. Note the metal bar across the bottom - this provides strength and structure but you do have to step over it. We have had people trip on it. It would not stop me from recommending this gate but just something to note. The gate is pretty easy to open and you can do it with one hand. Its a little harder to close because the there are metal tabs that align to the bar across the bottom that have line up for the top to slide into place. Again, not a big deal but it can be a little harder to close with one hand. This would be a hard gate for a toddler to open - not true of a lot of other gates that I have seen kids crack faster than the adults.

Best Purchase!

This gate is FANTASTIC. I use it to keep my dogs in half the house while I'm at work and this gate does the trick wonderfully. I love that it swings in whichever direction you are walking, so there is no added movement of having to step back to open the gate. I'm sure that sounds lazy, but it is just an added convenience this gate offers. I also love that the gate portion several inches wider than a lot of gates. When I'm home I'm able to leave the gate fully open, and it doesn't intrude on the flow of walking through the hallway at all. If I have a basket full of laundry there is no extra lifting to go over the gate, etc.The people make the gate must have taken note of all the people complaining about how 'poorly made' this gate is by being 'bent' and not lining up. There is now a giant yellow sign that says it is SUPPOSED to be bent. As you fit the gate into place, it lines up so you KNOW you've got it in right! Very convenient. My space was exactly 36" on the top, and a little narrower on the bottom due to molding, so we removed the tighteners on the bottom, but the gate wouldn't close right. It fit the space, but when you'd try to lift the gate or put it back down it was sticking really badly. Upon further inspection, the bottom bolt closest to the hinge was pressed against the hinge inside the gate. My fiance cut the bolt down by about an inch (we clearly didn't need the extra length) and when we reinstalled it, it fit like a glove.Wonderful gate! I'm so happy I got this one!Pros:- Wide gate opening- Swings in either direction- Will stay open- Aesthetically appealingCons:- Stubbed my toe on that bottom bar, have to remember to not shuffle like a hermit

Working great for my dogs!

Sturdy! Easy to install. There were no instructions, but easy to figure out. I have two 70lb dogs and so far it is working great keeping them out of the kitchen and they have not tried to jump over. The size I needed in width was about 58 inches and it worked perfectly. The door sometimes is hard to close and doesn't align perfect, but it is attractive and matches the kitchen and is also sturdy. Fingers crossed it will continue to keep the dogs out!

Stylish and sturdy!

I bought this based on the reviews I read here on and I have to say I'm quite pleased so far. I received it yesterday and was able to assemble and install it myself in less than ten minutes. Although it took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the wrench included, I didn't need my husbands help. I am using it with the three extensions included to block a hallway that is 58" wide. The walk through door does not have tension and will not slam shut after you walk through, like others. So I like that the gate can be left open when not in use but you have to manually lock the door in place each time you close it. Still, it's worth the money. It looks nice and has stayed put while my 10 month old and 3.5 year old pulled and pushed in it. Love it